On March 13th BLC lost a member of the family, Jim Yarbrough went on ahead to meet Jesus leaving a huge hole in our hearts and the Ministry. 
Please keep the family in your prayers along with all those that are part of BLC and it’s Outreach

Newpoint Family Camp

5th Annual Newpoint All Church Family Camp.

July 12-14. Join us as we continue to Pray for this church family.

Click the link above to donate to help a family attend this life changing experience.



BLC Served Hot Dogs At Garrison Park on Friday night June 14th. We had a huge turnout, awesome volunteers and were Blessed to be able to provide smiles to many faces. 

Thank You: Yukon Sonics, Pastor Rob Thorson, Qdoba (Memorial & Penn), Wendy’s (Yukon) and Bethany 1st Church of the Nazarene.


For 27 years we have relied on faith, faith that God would move BLC forward for the young lives that we reach, faith that He would direct our path in the right direction and faith that he provides for moving the ministry forward. 
We begin our 27th Summer next month. 
We are prepping for camp starting now and are still in need of donations to be ready for our first camp.
✔️ 3 AC window units (Kitchen-small, bunk room- medium and main room-large)   The main window unit just went out this past weekend .
2. 10 Sleeping Cots ( SAMS has them for $70.00 each. These are foldable which will aid in storage) 
3. Ceiling Fans
4. Building Materials   

5. Scholarships

If you can help, please contact us at 405-990-7833





We recently had a meeting about adding trade camps for our inner city youth this summer. With that, we will be needing to begin the build out and completion of our bunkhouse right away. 
We are estimating the cost of about $3500.-$4000. 
We need to have this built in the next 30 days. I have a commitment of a few men that are willing to come and help build, but I am waiting to be able to purchase supplies to make this happen. 
This will greatly increase and improve our overnight sleeping arrangements and extend our operating season into cooler weather by being able to heat this area. 
If you would like to make a donation to help make this possible or would be able to come help build please contact Jan at 405-740-7839 or make an online Donation at the top of this page.
Donations may be mailed to PO Box 805, Bethany, OK 73008.
We are really excited about this increase. 


2019 SERVE


6 years ago I posted this photo, 10 years ago I took this photo, 27 years ago this month we were called to do this through our Ministry. 
Does it still hold true today? Are we too busy? In what capacity do we Serve? Is it no longer relevant? Do we only do it when convenient? At what cost? 
Just Curious ? 

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬ 


2019 Summer needs at BLC 

We have a Camp prep, clean and build weekend coming up and are still needing donations.  Keep em coming. Looking forward to another incredible Summer, this will be BLC’s 27th. 

- [ ] 10-Sleeping Cots- $70.00 each
- [ ] Bunk Room Materials $3500.00
- [x]  *DONATED* Picnic Pavilion Deck Materials $1500.00
- [x] *DONATED*Two 10’X20’ Picnic Canopies $169.00 each 
- [ ] Bag Lawn Chairs
-[x] Grill
- [ ] Yard games: horse shoes, frisbee, corn hole, volleyball sets...
- [X ] 2- AC Window units

In Good Hands

Received this from Mayor KP Westmoreland, City of Bethany, OK, he attended the Mayor’s Council of Oklahoma at the State Capital.

An Honor knowing BLC is in so many good Hands around Oklahoma.

Christmas in the City 2018

What an incredible day. Many were Blessed as well as all of us. When God shows up miracles happen. 

A huge thanks goes out to 

* Jamie Nance his family and his girls Softball team the Bombers for brightening up everyone’s day with Santa and gifts
* Pastor James Lawson, Sister Nancy, Anita, Tracie & Sharon and the Newpoint family
* Grant Harder & his wife Elizabeth for an inspiring Word 

* Jim & Jan Yarbrough for the incredible lunch
* Bren & Earl Lovell for the help with lunch and the million dollar look with the decorations and the center pieces
* Jeff, Brian and the BLC Family. 
* Thanks to Texas Roadhouse at Reno and MacArthur for the donation of the chicken and the Rolls.



BLC Hotdogs

What:  Back-to-School Bash 
When: Friday, August 10th
Where: Garrison Park in Bethany on 19th St. 
Time: 5PM to 8PM.

We plan to set up at 4PM
We are in need of donations to buy buns and a few other misc. items.
We are planning on serving around 850. 
We need approximately $200.00 to be donated.
To help out please contact Berry at (405) 990-7833 or Jan at (405) 740-7839.

New Point All Church Family Camp

Summer Serving

Jim of BLC Youth Outreach, Mayor KP, and

the First Lady Susan of the City of Bethany 

help serve hotdogs in Garrison Park after the 

City of Bethany parade.


The countdown is upon us. 
Camps are fast approaching and we are at a fast pace, fixing, repairing, cleaning and prepping. 

We still need a few things:

♦️Prayer- for the volunteers and those attending.

♦️Scholarships- $250.00 each

♦️Summer needs at BLC:

1. Folding Sleeping cots for our new bunk room.
2. Bunk Room Materials $3500.00
3. Picnic Pavilion Deck Materials $1500.00
4. one 10’X20’ Picnic Canopy $169.00 Tractor Supply
5. Bag Lawn Chairs
6. Yard games: horse shoes, frisbee, corn  hole, volleyball sets...

Please contact us at:

To make monetary donations please visit our website 
and click on the donate to donate online.    
BLC Youth Outreach  
P.O. Box 805
Bethany, OK 73008

Jan-   405-740-7839

New Green


We had a very productive weekend finishing up multiple projects at BLC.
We installed a door and added siding to our new storage room next to our new bathrooms, removed the old​ swamp cooler out of the new utility room, added a new outdoor water faucet for the garden, built steps from the new utility room into the garage.
A big thank you to Jim and Hayden for their help. 
Sandra was able to get many more plants, planted in the garden. 


Giving & Growing


Summer prep has begun, from spring clean, to finishing projects, to building new. 
Summer needs at BLC:


1. Folding Sleeping cots for our new bunk room.
2. Bunk Room Materials $3500.00
3. Picnic Pavilion Deck Materials $1500.00
4. Two 10’X20’ Picnic Canopies $169.00 each Tractor Supply
5. Bag Lawn Chairs
6. Yard games: horse shoes, frisbee, corn  hole, volleyball sets...



Help us Grow Young Lives! 


Please contact us at:

To make monetary donations please visit our website 
and click on the donate to donate online.    
BLC Youth Outreach  
P.O. Box 805
Bethany, OK 73008

Jan-   405-740-7839




Are you missing our fantastic spaghetti fundraiser, with delicious spaghetti with meat sauce, mouthwatering breadsticks, crisp salad, and soft scrumptious peanut butter cookies? 
This year, instead of preparing meals that are here today and gone in 5 minutes, BLC is focusing on raising tomatoes, oregano, onions, and other yummy vegetables to feed families throughout the year!
BLC and our partners in ministry are starting a community garden and front-porch container gardens , in the inner city, for at-risk youth and their families. Here’s how it works:
1. Families will provide “sweat equity” to help plant and tend community gardens and maintain their own front-porch garden.
2. The sweat-equity will earn two products for families:
a. Families will grow produce for their table in a direct hour/pound purchase ration 
b. Youth will earn their way to attend camps and retreats at BLC
If all goes well, and the Lord blesses our efforts, we hope to have a Farmer’s Market where organic veggies will be available for you to purchase for your table. And perhaps a new way to enjoy our famous BLC spaghetti sauce! Not only do we plan to teach gardening skills, but plans are in the works to teach preserving and canning skills. This will help make good, nutritious food available to you and our inner city families all year long.
God has been leading and preparing us for this for 25 years. When we answered the call to this ministry, we knew we would be having camps and retreats for at-risk youth. We knew that to be truly effective, we would need to partner with ministries on the front lines in the inner city. For change to truly be effective, it must be a comprehensive safety net.
These partnerships developed when the Lord directed us to hold a spaghetti fundraiser for businesses throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. These partnerships developed when He opened doors to serve hot dogs in the inner city. These partnerships developed when He taught us how to garden so we could share our produce with needy families.
All of these areas of our ministry are coming together to feed the bodies and souls of the precious young people and their families that God has called us to serve. Our calling verses are Matthew 14:22-33 and Matthew 25:35. Please pray for us and for the youth and families who need our help.
If you would like to help us grow gardens and grow youth through a monetary donation, you can go to or mail to BLC at P.O. Box 805, Bethany, OK 73008.
In Christ,
Executive Director

Feed and be Fed

BLC joined Raising the Grade with Pastor Dorn Tuesday night September 12th at Moon Elementary (NE 13th & Missouri) for their Block Party, BLC  grilled the hotdogs. 
This was a chance to get to know the families of the youth that come to Camp during the Summer. 
If you would like to represent BLC and help with with our next event Please contact Jan at 405-740-7839 or by email
We truly hope you can join us and come Bless and be Blessed.


In with the Old, out with the New!

Making a statement to God and family. Becoming new again, we did baptisms in the lake again this year, it was an awesome morning as God showed up an many witnessed His Love.

Newpoint All Church Family Camp

The Newpoint Church Family Retreat was a huge success, it was a time of Renewal, Relationship & Rest. Thanks to all the attended, volunte​ered and donated. A special thanks to KP Westmoreland for speaking and helping with baptisms at our Beachside Service.

Berry and BLC featured on "On Point with Bishop James O. Lawson"

Camp Growth

All hands on Deck, the deck is starting to come about, along with the bathrooms.

??We're all jumping with Excitement!
Camps are approaching quickly. We need the donations to keep coming in. Consider matching the $1000.00 gift, giving more and creating your own challenge or giving them what you can to help out with scholarships and our projects. 

We have had an anonymous first time donor put out a challenge to see if 10 others would match their $1000.00 gift to BLC. 
God is Good!
To give online just click the PayPal Donate button at the top of the page or mail your donation to:
P.O. Box 805
Bethany, OK 73008 Please contact Jan at 405-740-7839 or Berry at 405-990-7833 for more info.






This Friday

July 14- Sunday July 16, 2017

BLC at Lake Eufaula

Bishop James O. Lawson and Newpoint Church


Gardening Growth

Gardening is one of our tools we use to teach with along with it sure adds to our meals at camps and retreats.

We Have some of our raised beds built an d a few already planted. We are really looking forward to this Summer.

Moving Forward

Thank You Volunteers 


The watch the video form Newpoints retreats click here:

Pastor Lawson brought his church Friday July 22nd for a whole church renewal retreat. Please continue to pray for Pastor Lawson, his church family and their youth. Pastor Lawson is a great brother in Christ and a true obedient servant of Christ. Don't know many Pasors that would close their church building doors on a Sunday to encourage the entire church to attend the renewal retreat.


Building new relationships and renewing old ones at Community Hotdogs.

On the Air

Berry was on Magic 104.1 with the Magic Man Sunday morning, February 28th from 7 AM to 10 AM and talked about BLC

Summer Fun 2015

Into the Water


Thank You Jeff at MAGIC 104.1 for giving us a Voice


Thank you Magic Man Jeff Roberts for allowing Berry to speak to your listeners about BLC at Magic 104.1 KMGL on Ignite Sundays on February 23.


Please listen to Ignite Sundays each and every Sunday morning from 7AM-10AM on Magic 104.1 FM.

A BLC Style Christmas



A BLC Style Christmas, Thank You BLC Family, Pastor Dorn, Mt. Triumph Baptist Church, FLLC and a wonderful OKC Community for making last night a huge success.




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