BLC Spaghetti

30th Spaghetti Fundraiser


Friday October 7, 2016



When summer thunderstorms pop up and wind and rain take their toll. Lost two of our canopies. With more retreats coming up donations to replace these would be a major help and answer to prayer. The regularly $139.00 at Sam's but with end of season they are marked down to $119.0 each but once they are gone we will have to wait until next spring. If you can help please contact Jan at 405-740-7839 or

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. 



The watch the video form Newpoints retreats click here:

Pastor Lawson brought his church Friday July 22nd for a whole church renewal retreat. Please continue to pray for Pastor Lawson, his church family and their youth. Pastor Lawson is a great brother in Christ and a true obedient servant of Christ. Don't know many Pasors that would close their church building doors on a Sunday to encourage the entire church to attend the renewal retreat.


Building new relationships and renewing old ones at Community Hotdogs.



Another spaghetti fundraiser in the books. All made possible by incredible volunteers and donors. A Huge Thank you Bethany 1st Church of the Nazarene, Magic Man Jeff Roberts and all our wonderful BLC Family.



Spaghetti Prep Day

We had a group of great volunteers Thursday March 3rd for Spaghetti Prep. Thanks for your unselfish help.

On the Air

Berry was on Magic 104.1 with the Magic Man Sunday morning, February 28th from 7 AM to 10 AM and talked about BLC

Summer Fun 2015

Into the Water


Thank You Jeff at MAGIC 104.1 for giving us a Voice


Thank you Magic Man Jeff Roberts for allowing Berry to speak to your listeners about BLC at Magic 104.1 KMGL on Ignite Sundays on February 23.


Please listen to Ignite Sundays each and every Sunday morning from 7AM-10AM on Magic 104.1 FM.

A BLC Style Christmas



A BLC Style Christmas, Thank You BLC Family, Pastor Dorn, Mt. Triumph Baptist Church, FLLC and a wonderful OKC Community for making last night a huge success.

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